FAQ about mail setup

How to log in to the web interface of the mail without logging in to the control panel

Using your mailbox password, you can log directly into your mailbox.

To do this, go to your personal area in the “Services – My services” section and сlick the “Open Webmail” button opposite the hosting service you need. The mail web interface will be opened. Fill in the fields with your mail credentials and go to the web client.

What are the limits on sending mail?

You can send up to 100 emails per hour. Each recipient equals one mail. If you send one email to 200 recipients then the first 100 will go in the first hour, 25% will go an hour after, and the rest emails will be deleted.

If you need to change this limit contact us and show us an example of the mail you are going to send.

What is the size of the shared hosting mailbox?

Your mail is stored along with your website content, so you can use all your free disc space for mail if you want. When you create a mailbox you can specify if you want to limit it in MB.

Why do you have a limit for mail?

We have a limit for mail because of the possibility to send SPAM from our servers. Any server of any hosting company can be the source of SPAM, that’s why we limit mail activity. But we can increase that limit for you, just contact us and show us an example of your email list.

How to set up DKIM and SPF?

DKIM and SPF do not need to be configured, they can simply be activated in the hosting control panel in the Mail section.

Mail doesn’t come and/or send.

  1. Make sure your hosting and domain services are paid.
  2. Make sure your mailbox exists in the hosting control panel and it isn’t full.
  3. Check if webmail is working for your mail account. You can get into the webmail interface from your customer area. Go to the “Hosting – My hosting” section and click “Enter webmail”. If mail works via the web interface, check the settings of your mail client.

If you have just changed DNS for your domain name, or just registered your domain name, wait for 8-24 hours for DNS information to spread.

I can send mail but I can’t receive it?

  1. Check your email quota and disk usage statistics in your hosting control panel. Your service may have run out of disk space. In this case, delete extra mail, unnecessary files (including cache files), or order additional disk space.
  2. Check mail filters and forwarders, maybe it’s wrong.
  3. If nothing helps, contact us

I receive error emails when I send mail.

If you get an error email after sending mail it means that something is wrong with the receiver’s email address. Read the error mail text, it has the error explanation, for example, “Receiver does not exist”.

How to set up my email account in the email client (program/app)?

You can find all the email settings of your hosting (IMAP, SMTP, POP3, encryption, and authentication) in the welcome email that is sent immediately after you order your service. How to use these settings and connect mailbox in a specific email program, see in this Youtube playlist.

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