FAQ about Abuse policy

How do you treat abuse? Is your hosting bulletproof?

Our hosting is not bulletproof, we process incoming abuse reports very carefully. If the owner of the service doesn’t react in a timely manner, we suspend the account or website with illegal content.

You can place any content which doesn’t break the laws of the country where your server is located and our hosting general rules.

What laws are applicable to you?

Fozzy Inc is registered in the USA, but we respect all local laws of the countries where our servers are located: USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Great Britain.

How do you treat copyright abuses?

On our hosting, it’s forbidden to publish content protected by copyright without permission from the owner. We accept abuse reports from content owners or their official representatives if they provide us with proof of ownership. If we receive such a report, we give 24 hours to the website owner to delete the infringing content.

What will happen when you receive abuse on my website or service?

If it is a reasonable abuse, we give you 24-72 hours depending on the type of abuse to resolve the issue. If we don’t receive a reply, we suspend your service.

Can you delete the content from my website if you get any abuse?

No, we don’t delete our customers’ data. But we give you 24 hours to delete it by yourself.

Can you update the CMS/plugins/other software for me? Can you patch the security vulnerabilities on my service?

Since we’re not web developers or professionals in website administration, we don’t provide such services. We can find suitable instructions for you and will do our best to help, but the main action should be performed from your end.

Some antivirus software considers my content as a virus and others don’t. What is your policy on such cases?

If there are files on your website that one antivirus reacts to as malicious, while others do not, you can contact the developer of the antivirus on this issue. As per our experience, companies respond fairly quickly to such requests if the files are truly harmless.

Notify us that you have contacted the antivirus manufacturer on this issue and we will not block your website or service.

If your website really does host a virus or malware, it must be removed in 24 hours, and the vulnerabilities that caused the infection should be eliminated in 72 hours. Otherwise, the service will be temporarily blocked until this issue is resolved.

If you receive a complaint where the Complainant asks for your customer’s personal/contact information, will you disclose it?

No, we won’t. We disclose the information of our customers only if we receive a request from the police, law enforcement authority, or court decision.

Does Fozzy comply with the GDPR?

Yes, we fully comply with the GDPR. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or requests regarding GDPR, please contact us at privacy@fozzy.com, we’ll be glad to help you.

I want to report abuse from your network, what should I do?

You can send requests regarding abusive activity from our network to abuse@fozzy.com. When reporting, please include your full name and as much information about the incident as possible–logs, screenshots, detailed description, and full headers.

After we receive your report, we’ll investigate the issue and request the needed additional information depending on the type of the abuse.


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