Text, links, downloadable files and Cookies notification

How to make a link

You may want to add a link to a website. You can create a link from images or from the text.

  • Move your mouse over an editable text and click it to open the editor. Select text which you want to convert to a link and click the LINK button on the toolbar above it. The editor will be hidden, but the link will be created. Now click this link to open Link Settings. Here you can type URL-address to an external website or choose the other page of your site.
  • To create a link from an image, move your mouse over the editable image – it’ll be highlighted. Click it to open Image Settings, where you can switch on link settings.

How to make a link to email

You may want to create a link, which points directly to your email address. This type of link – when clicked, will open the visitor’s default Mail app and start composing an email message with your email address prewritten.

The process of adding a link is the same as for a “normal link”, but as URL you enter mailto:your@email-address.com. You can even include the default message’s subject, like mailto:your@email-address.com?subject=Hello

In case if you do not want to expose your email address, you can use a contact form instead. Go to the Left Toolbar > CONTENT > Apps > Form Builder and add a contact form. There should be a contact form already added to your website’s Contact page.

How to create a list

When editing your website text contents, open the More Options section (the button with an arrow in the toolbar):

From the new menu, you can choose the ordered or bullet list.

Why I can’t see the text I write?

If you select all website contents (ctrl+a or cmd+a on Mac) and you see your contents are there (text on subpage or module contents), it probably means block’s settings are set for the dark background – which is great when you have a dark website and want the text to be white. But the white text on a white background will not work well.

Go to block settings (move your mouse over a block) and on the left side you’ll see 2 icons: settings & remove. Click on the settings icon and in the new window make sure you don’t have checked the “Dark Background” option. It should solve this problem.

How to add a file for downloads

Go to the Left Toolbar and there choose CONTENT > Apps > File Download

A new window will appear, where you can choose a file you want your visitors to download.

How to add information about Cookies

Click the Settings button on the left-side toolbar.

Another window will appear and there are additional settings sections for the current page and general website settings. Click the Contact Information link. This is where you can enable showing the Cookies information.

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