Metatags and SEO

How to define Meta tags – title, description, or keywords

Your website Metatags can be configured in your website settings: Left Toolbar > SETTINGS. There are 2 additional sections on the left, “This subpage settings” (if you want to set metatags for this individual page) and “Website configuration” (if you want to set general metatags for your website). You can set the website title (it’ll be TITLE tag) and description (it’s DESCRIPTION tag). These are important for all visitors that come from Google. Before the user goes to your page, they will see Title and Description you have set.

You can set custom Metatags (Title and Description) for each subpage on your website in this section in case you don’t want them to be generated dynamically.

How to make links look more (SEO) friendly

By default, your menu links should be SEO friendly “” for the “About us” page. You can change a page name and the link will change automatically.

It’s possible to leave a page name and change the link only. Go to the Left Toolbar > SETTINGS tab, choose the first SEO & Meta Tags link. A new window will appear with “Super URL Name” field on top. You can change it and save changes.

How to add custom Meta Tag

If you want to add a custom meta tag to a specific page, there’s an “Additional content” field below the Meta Keywords field.
If you want to add a custom metatag, which would appear on every page, you can add it in Left Toolbar > DESIGN > More Settings > Custom Code

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