What is hosting and domain name

In order to host a website you need the following:

  1. Actual website: articles, photos, scripts, etc. – the so-called content.
  2. Web Hosting.
  3. Domain Name.

Web Hosting – is a service that allows you to bring out the content of the website to the Web. The web hosting described above is called “shared” hosting. It allows you to place your website not on a whole server, but a part of it.

By placing the website on a server, you grant constant access to its content on a daily basis. Anyone can view it by accessing it via a domain name you specified as an address of the website.

Domain Name – is the address of your website. It’s more user-friendly to use domains, rather than IP addresses to which they are bound.

Domain names have different levels. Domains of 1st level are (.com, .org, .info) are not used by the websites directly – they specify domain zones. Second-level domains are the ones you come up with in order to make your website unique and easily accessible to others. For instance, test.com. These domain names can be registered via a domain registrar or Webhosting provider.

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