Mail Setup

FAQ about mail setup

What are the limits on sending mail? You can send up to 100 emails per hour. Each recipient equals one mail. If you send one email to 200 recipients then the first 100 will go in the first hour, 25% will go an hour after, and the rest emails will be deleted. If you need to change this limit contact us and..
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What is the Mail Default Address and why should you configure it

Sometimes your customers or partners may send emails to mailboxes of your domain that do not exist. Or they might make a typo in the name of your mailbox by specifying instead of, for example. In order not to miss those important messages, you can set the Default Address which will be receiving all the messages sent to non-existing mailboxes of your domain....
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How to create an email account (mailbox) on web hosting

Mailbox allows you to send and receive messages from your customers and partners. You can create as many mailboxes as you need on our hosting, but remember that sending the messages is limited to 100 messages per hour due to a spam policy. The mailbox is created inside your hosting control panel:...
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