FAQ about Website Builder

How to Login to my website editing mode?

Usually, all you need is to add “/admin” to your website address. Additionally, you can use the CTRL+ESC keyboard shortcut. If your website address is www.YOUR-WEBSITE-ADDRESS.com try to visit www.YOUR-WEBSITE-ADDRESS.com/admin – login options should be available there and by default “login with PIN” will be possible: enter your email address, which you have saved in the website’s configuration and the system will send a PIN code there – all you have to do is copy/paste this code to log in.

The system should remember you for some time, but when you have to log in again, you’ll be asked for a new PIN code. In case of any issues with e-mail & pin code, there are always alternative ways to log in, you can find them in the “More Options” tab and if none of them work, please contact our support team.

My website is ready: how to publish it live?

By default, your website is already live. However, you can enable Maintenance mode in your website’s SETTINGS > General Settings section. In case you have enabled it when creating or updating your website, you’ll have to go there again and disable it. If you can see it, anyone who knows your website’s address can see it too.

How to increase my website loading speed?

We’ve already made everything possible on our side to make your website fast and furious. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, usually it’s because of using too large photos. For example, the average photo taken with your phone may be 5MB or more in size and ~5000px in width/height. Most website users have a screen size 1280px in width or similar, and in most cases, you don’t need larger photos. When you upload your photos, make sure you resized them for web use.

Additionally, you can compress your photos with TinyPNG.com or a similar service (in the APP section there’s integration with TinyPNG, so when it’s enabled you can compress photos directly in your files manager) Sometimes using a CDN service like (free) CloudFlare may increase website loading speed.

Can I use WordPress plugins or themes?

No, it’s not possible.

Why do I see the login button, even if I’m logged out?

If you’re a website admin and you have logged in as a website admin once, our website builder will remember your browser with a cookie. Even if your session expires or you log out manually, there will be a button on the lower-left side of your screen, to make it easier to log in. You can click here to start the login process. Please note only you can see it (none of your visitors will see it), you can verify it by visiting your website from another device or browser, where you didn’t log in yet.

My module/app has disappeared!

So.. your module (like shop or blog) was on a subpage, but it’s gone now? There’s a chance, you just removed it accidentally. Please just add it again to your page. Go to Left Toolbar > CONTENT and there go to the Apps category. Find the app you just removed from the list and click it to add a module back to your page.

I’m trying to upload files (images, videos, archives) and I can’t. What is the problem?

Try to upload a JPG or PNG and make it smaller. Usually, this is the problem. If you’re uploading an image, there’s no need to upload images larger than 1000px in width. Make sure your files are not “300DPI” in resolution, you don’t need that on your website, it’s for print only. If you’re trying to upload files directly from your camera, try to resize them before uploading. If you’re uploading a photo from your iPhone, it may be in HEIF/HEIC format, which isn’t supported – try to convert it to JPG first.

Help! My website is down!

There are a few possible reasons but start with checking if your website is down for all visitors or for you only, use the isUP tool. If the website is down just for you, try to contact your internet service provider. If the website is down for everyone, you can check the following reasons

  1. The server is down If a website doesn’t return any content – not a blank page, but an error like when you enter a website that doesn’t exist, it probably means a server error. Contact our support team, we will solve it shortly
  2. Your domain is expired As above, the website is not responding or shows something else than it did before. If you registered a domain from us, contact our support team, we will check the domain status and solve this issue. If you bought a domain somewhere else, contact your domain registrar.
  3. Your account was suspended It usually happens when an account owner hasn’t paid for the service in time. Check your client area for unpaid invoices. If there is no unpaid invoice, contact our support team to solve this.
  4. Blank page First, check if the admin area still works (type yoursite.com/admin in the browser’s address). If it works fine, go to the Configuration tab, and just save changes. It may help. If not, please contact us for support.

Problem with login to a website

Always, in case of any problems, make sure you have the latest version of the website builder installed. There are usually a few possible ways to log in to your website. You start with adding /admin to your website address, to show login options (alternatively press ctrl+esc on your keyboard). The login screen should first suggest “login with email” – you type your email address, the same you have set in website configuration during the installation step in the very beginning. If you’ve typed the correct email, the system will send you an email with a PIN code. Use this PIN to log in. It’ll work only once, when you want to log in again, you’ll need another PIN. There’s an “Other” tab on the login screen, where you should have more login options. Here you can log in with a username and password you can set in the Website’s Settings > Access Control section. And with your Google Account, if you have used the same email address linked with your website (in website configuration) as in your Google Account. If none of these work, please contact our support team and ask for assistance, we will help you to restore your access.

How to Upgrade my website to the latest version?

As soon as the new version is available, you should see a yellow notification in the lower-left corner. Click here and confirm you want to start the upgrade, it’ll be an automated process. You can make a backup before upgrading, just to be sure in case of any troubles, you can restore the previous version of your website.

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