Domain delegation errors

When you delegate a domain name to hosting provider DNS it automatically tests DNS records:

  • DNS servers list shouldn’t be empty. 
  • For each DNS server, the IP address is found out the IP address for each record should be different. Please notice that if you delegate domain name, e.g., to DNS servers, it will be enough to write DNS servers without IP addresses. If you delegate domain name, e.g., to DNS servers,, then you must write IP addresses. 
  • The DNS server name shouldn’t be a CNAME 
  • The DNS server list should include at least 2 servers. 
  • For each DNS server, a SOA record and DNS list for the current domain are requested. 

In case of an unsuccessful check, you will get an error message. In this article we will describe the most popular errors and solutions to them:

“.. can’t get SOA record..”

SOA record at DNS servers for your domain name doesn’t exist. You should contact your hosting provider and ask to create a record for your domain name.

“.. DNS-servers list doesn’t match..”

DNS records are entered wrong. The correct list of our DNS records.

“..IP address for domain can’t be found..”

Make sure that A-record exists on DNS servers where you delegate your domain. Ask us for assistance if needed.
You can check where a domain is delegated with any whois service. To get the list of DNS records from DNS server, use nslookup command.

“ can’t use CNAME for DNS server..”

You should either enter A-record for or use another DNS-servers.
This error appears when DNS servers names are CNAME.

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Hello and good time. I have bought a domain from your site for 2 days, but I cannot change the nameservers . Please guide me.

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