Website General Settings

How to access website settings & configuration

When you’re logged in, click the Settings button on the left-side toolbar.

Another window will appear and there are additional settings sections for the current subpage and general website-wide settings. This is where you have to click to open Website Settings.

How to change the email address in the website’s configuration

Click the Settings button on the left-side toolbar. Then click the General Settings link – this is where you can update your email address.

How to update company address in the website’s configuration

Click the Settings button on the left-side toolbar. Then click the Contact Information link – this is where you can update your company address.

How to change a website name

Go to the Left Toolbar > SETTINGS tab, there’s the “Logo and Website Title” link on the upper left side.

It’s where you can change the website name. If you want to show the logo instead of a website title, don’t leave the website title blank, as it’s used in other locations of the website too, like meta tags. Use the option to show the logo only instead, it’s below logo settings.

There’s also built-in Logo Maker integration in case if you want to create your logo with different font or colors allowed by default settings of your website.

How to change a website’s address

Your website address, like “”, is a domain name. Please contact our support team if you want to change your website address and set a new domain for it.

How to change an interface language?

By default, the website installs with your country language.

You can go to SETTINGS > General Settings, find language selection and a small “Add More” button.

Click it and choose your language from the list. It’ll import and activate the new language as the interface primary language.

How to change my email address for the contact form?

Click the Settings button on the left-side toolbar. Then click the General Settings link – here you can find the “Administrator’s e-mail” field. By default, all emails from the contact form and form builder are sent to this email. It’s also where your one-time login PIN code is sent.

It’s possible to set a custom email address for your contact forms, you can do it directly in Form Builder’s individual form settings: Left Toolbar > APPS > Form Builder

How to make a website secure (SSL)

We secure each site with SSL during the creation step. Your site is secured by default. You are welcome =)

How to duplicate a website

Sometimes, you may want to make a copy of your website. It’s possible to make a clone of your existing website. It’ll set it up in another folder, so if your primary website is in, your clone may be in

In Left Toolbar choose SETTINGS > General Settingsю Шn the lower part of that screen, there will be one button to make a clone (left) and one to remove the website (right). To make a copy of the website click the Clone this website button.

You’ll be asked to enter the folder name, where the new website should be located. You can type “new” or anything you prefer – in case if you want to make a website in another language version, like Spanish, you can use “es” as the folder name.

How to change a website favicon

From the left toolbar, choose SETTINGS > General Settings. Then scroll down until you find the Website Favicon section – here you can set your own favicon image.

Please make sure your new favicon is not too big. Usually, it doesn’t exceed 100x100px and as fewer kilobytes as possible (it shouldn’t slow your website down).

How to remove a website

Go to Left Toolbar > SETTINGS > General Settings. Scroll down to find the red Remove this website button, click and confirm to remove your website.

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