Social media, Google, Pixel, custom code and other integrations

How to add Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to my website

You can add social media icons to your website’s footer or header. Start from the left-side toolbar and choose SETTINGS > Social Media. At the new window choose which social media you want to include and move to the lower section to select where you want social buttons to appear – in the header, footer, or both.

How to add Social Share buttons to my website

There are Social Media content blocks available when you go to the CONTENT > “Social Media” section.

How to change social share picture

When you share links to your website on social media, like Twitter or Facebook, it’s often generating an image. It’s called “The Open Graph Image” and you can customize it.

In the left toolbar choose SETTINGS > General Settings > SEO & Analytics section. There’s an option to choose your own “OG Image”

How to add SurveyMonkey to my website?

You can easily embed SurveyMonkey forms on your website. When your survey is ready, in the COLLECT RESPONSES section, you’ll be asked “How would you like to collect responses to your survey?”. Choose “Send surveys your way” and from the list of available options, choose Embed on Website option. Now copy Embed Code to clipboard:

In the website builder, go to the CONTENT > APPS section, and find the Custom HTML Code app. Click it, paste your Embed Code there, and save changes.

How to add stats to your website

By default, there’s a Stats app available. You can access it in Left Toolbar > APPS > Stats.

Please note, it will not count your own visits (when you’re logged in as website administrator)

How to add a Search Form to my website?

There are a few possible options available. By default, you can go to SETTINGS > General Settings, then scroll down until you see the “Show Search in Header” section, switch it ON, and save changes. The search feature will appear in your website’s header.

Alternatively, you can add it anywhere in content with custom HTML code and Custom HTML Code App:

Left Toolbar > CONTENT > Apps > Custom HTML Code

And copy/paste this code:

<form method="get" action="">
<input type="text" name="search">
<button type="submit">Search</button>

How to add custom JavaScript to my website HEAD

Go to Left Toolbar > DESIGN > More Settings section and find the Custom Code button in the lower part. Click it and paste your code in another window.

Code you enter here will appear on all of your pages, in the <HEAD> section. You can enter custom HTML, JavaScript, or CSS there, but if you’re adding CSS, make sure you enter it between <style> tags, and if it’s JavaScript, locate it between <script> tags.

How to add Google Ads (or other custom HTML code)

Add a new content block from the Left toolbar > CONTENT > Apps > Custom HTML Code. You’ll be able to copy/paste any custom HTML, JS, or CSS code you want. This is how you can add Google Ads code to your website.

How to insert my Google Calendar

Website builder already has a calendar feature, but if you prefer your Google Calendar, it’s possible to embed it on your website.

Start with this Google guide and once you see Embed Code (it should be like <iframe src=”…), copy it to the clipboard (ctrl+c or cmd+c on Mac) and go back to your website.

Start from the Left Toolbar > CONTENTS > Apps section, find Custom HTML Code on the list, and click it. Now you’re asked for the custom code you want to enter, so just paste (ctrl+v or cmd+v) the HTML code you have copied from Google. Once the code is there, just confirm with the “Continue” button. Now your calendar should be part of this page.

How to add your website to Google Webmaster Tools?

You can find the Add to Google app in your Left Toolbar > APPS list. When you open app settings, you’ll notice a large Add to Google button. Click it to submit (“ping”) your sitemap.xml to Google.

With this app, you can also verify your website with Google Search Console to have more control over how Google sees your website.

How to verify your website with Google Search Console

First, sign up to Google Search Console, you may need a Google Account. When you’re logged in, there should be a menu on the left upper side, with the “Add property” button. Click it to continue.

You’ll be asked to select a property, choose a URL prefix and enter your complete website’s address (like to continue.

The next step, Verify ownership is where you need to prove you’re website owner. There are a few possible ways: you can choose the HTML tag option and copy the meta code, it may look like this:

<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”abcdef12345″ />

Now open the module inside your website, Left Toolbar > APPS > Add to Google and click the Enter Verification Code link, paste your meta code and save changes.

Now go back to Google Search Console and click the Verify button, Google will contact your website and if it can find meta code, your website ownership will be verified.

How to add Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or Facebook Pixel?

Navigate to Left Toolbar > SETTINGS > SEO & Meta Tags

Scroll to the lower part of the new window, where you can find areas for your Google Analytics ID, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel Code.

When you save changes, it’s live, but none of these may work for you until you’re logged in as a website administrator, to test these settings, use another browser or log out from your website first.

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