FAQ about Windows and Forex VPS

Can I install pirate illegal software?

The software installed on your VPS is your own responsibility. But we will be forced to ask you to remove the illegal software if we receive a complaint from its owner or his confidant.

The exception is Microsoft software. It is defined by Microsoft that you have to buy a license for its software only from your hosting provider. It means that it is prohibited to install Microsoft software without a license or with a license bought from a third-party provider on our Windows VPS. You might contact our support team to find out the cost of a specific license

How to start the server?

Before you connect to the VPS you should start it in your client area. Go to “Services – My services” and click the “Manage” link in front of the VPS you want to start. You can find the functional buttons under the “Information” block. Click “Boot” and your VPS will be started in 5 minutes.

How to restart VPS?

Go to “Start” – click “Shutdown”, you will see a menu where you can choose to Restart or Shutdown the server.

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