Auto-renewal service includes:

  • automatic funds debiting from your balance to pay a new invoice and/or renew your service;
  • automatic charge of your credit card to renew your services if there is not enough balance (in case you consent to save it).


How it works (an example)

  1. Add funds to your balance, e.g. $14.91 USD.
  2. Order a service, e.g. “Fast Site” package which costs 4.97 $ per month.
  3. Our billing system issues a new invoice for 4.97 $ which is automatically paid from the funds you added earlier. 9.94 $ remains on your balance.
  4. The remaining funds will be used to renew your service automatically for the next two months. A new invoice for the service renewal will be issued 7 days before the end of the paid period and will be automatically paid from your balance. Thus, your service will be renewed for the next month automatically.

So you can add a necessary amount of funds to your balance and have no worries about the monthly payment. Also, you need to remember that auto-renewal works only in case you have a necessary amount of funds on your balance before a new invoice is issued. Auto-renewal will not work if you add funds to your balance after an invoice is issued.

Another way to auto-renew your services is to save your card during checkout. We will auto-renew all services using a saved card.

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